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Blick vom Feldberg

Black Forest

The Black Forest – a holiday region that leaves nothing to be desired

The Black Forest is the highest area in the region, with the Feldberg at 1,493 metres and more than 70 mountains above 1,000 metres. Hiking, Nordic walking, mountain biking, good food, excellent wines and the finest health and pampering facilities await visitors to "the best place for connoisseurs in Germany". This holiday region between Basel and Karlsruhe, the Rhine and Nagold¬ valley, covers a good 11,100 square kilometres. Just under two-thirds of this are accounted for by the low mountain range from which the region takes its name. The Black Forest also includes the Rhine valley and the vineyards to the west and south, the Baar and Gäu regions and the Nagold and Neckar river valleys to the east. The holiday region to the right of the Rhine knee at Basel therefore incorporates many different aspects and offers various possibilities to suit your requirements. Come and explore!

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